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Not all predators satisfy hunger only with flesh

June 29, 2019
 Nox Eternus - The Habitual Predator

The majestic Nox Eternus - The Habitual Predator album's title track symphony envelops with mysterious mystery, then vocal phrases first whip up a storm of fierce drive, then alternate these rapid flows of impetuous drive with majestic speeches, shrouded in the covers of a dark anthem.
The pulsating canvas of the main motive of the Deliberate Stranger composition arises already in the introduction, then it is transformed with the introduction of the vocal into more disturbing and brooding musical variations, alternating the tempo and rhythmic structure. Feeding from the Blood of the Meek continues this extravaganza of musical legends, extolling the mid-tempo epic lace of inspired musical trends in the introduction and transforming into fast-moving gloomy whirlwinds with the introduction of vocals. The introduction retains the epic charm of ancient tales, but the vocals transform the Ominous View of a Ceiling Fan composition rolling in the waves of a pulsating march.
Transforming the style of sounding into the sacrament of ritual dance the Fleischwolf song envelops the listener with whirlwinds of enchanted enigmas and ritual appeals, rolling up the gloomy waves of dance motifs. Void Worm Forever continues the style of dark dance, bringing the vocals to a more dominant position, but maintaining the seductive dance playfulness of musical passages.
The majestic symphony Human Skin Lizard Brain with gloomy passages of the solemn hymn slowly marches through the dark halls of the ghostly castle, leisurely announcing the approach of the dark lord. But then the compositional structure is transformed into a mid-tempo and carried away in swift passages until the dark anthem returns to the final part. Starting with drumming battle march The Final Chapter completes the album with a militant readiness for battle with any enemy, known and unknown, visible and invisible.