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The dark sacrament awaits the completion of the rite

July 01, 2019
Evil Tormentor - Nigromancia y Chabolismo

Demonic appeals of a sage with ritual tunes of eastern dervishes in the background raise the grail of the Evil Tormentor - Nigromancia y Chabolismo album with the title vocals speech. Then the unrestrained flow of furious drive takes away the vocal reflections, grinding Satan Hates Moralists lyrics on the rapid flow of musical passages interwoven with sparkling threads of gloomy motifs around vocal phrases.
Dancing along the path of the Bringer of Souls main motive, the vocal part follows the direction indicated by it, concentrating its phrases in the waves of a pulsating rhythmic drive of the couplets and clearly hammering meaningful exclamations into the choruses.
Rolling a sheet of ancient scrolls Warlock Child's Revenge appears as an epic saga announcing ancient legends about magicians and warlocks, then from time to time exploding in a stream of furious drive, shrouded in veils of mystical melody and fascinating fabulous mysteries.
A swift musical whirlwind flies together with the introduction of the Lord of the Ashes composition, then enveloping the viscous majestic atmosphere of the instrumental bridge turns into a mid-tempered march.
The impetuous passages of Toxic Rats dark dances twist changeable vocal guesses with swift winds, carrying off in an unrestrained race to unknown temptations. The bass guitar solo erects the base of the Silver Fume Ghost gloomy anthem twirling twilight temptations and dark mysteries in circles with a mystery of further musical narration, bogged down in the misty swamp of the middle of the composition. But then the impetuous fragment of impetuous drive rejects the ghostly haze and unknown spirits to the sides, in order to repeat this combination again. Pulsating march and drumming preface the introduction of the final song of the album Evil Prevails, then rolls with dark waves of medium tempo, recreating the trend of medieval legends and mystical knights carried away by a rapid procession.