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Thirteen is only a figure

July 21, 2018
TNT - XIII (Japan Edition)

The soft chime is combined with a thoughtful whisper in the mysterious fog of We're Gonna Make It intro, then carried away to the enthusiastic narrative of the main motive in the chorus, returning to romantic meditations in next verse of TNT - XIII (Japan Edition) album's first song.
The pushy, energetic drive rolls over the sound, the vocals hide in the background - then transforms into a duet and rises to the front end of the musical image in the Not Feeling Anything chorus.
Anxiety is woven in Fair Warning waltzing dance with hope, concentrating around looking around in anticipation of vague dangers, preparing for inevitable combats.
Discarding anxiety and anticipation of dangers It's Electric envelops with so easy playful atmosphere, giving country-style musical inspiration.
Romantic ballad captures with waves of delighted inspiration, calling up the exalted voice to return to Where You Belong native origins.
The majestic Can't Breathe Anymore introduction returns the medieval bewitching minstrel ballads, the bard conducts his narrative as if juggling with various motifs.
Densely and energetically pushing the title of the Get Ready For Some Hard Rock composition at the very beginning, pushing the drive in an irresistible pressure, in the instrumental bridges enveloping the viscous guitar passages this stubborn music stream.
Previous composition seemed to be preparing for a fierce pressure after romantic ballads - People, Come Together is carried away in a dense swift whirl of a hard drive, saturated and tightly plunging the audience into an uncontrollable pursuit.
Calming unrestrained rage, Tears In My Eyes brings a wave of inspired melodism that returns the album's romantic tint .
Viscous blues guitar passages create the basis for 17th Of May song's emotional vocal phrases, interlacing anxious mood with anticipation of future changes.
The mid-tempo composition adjusts to the summer mood, adjusts in spite of the hot wind and unpredictable winds how to Catch A Wave in sea adventures.
Starting and ending with a gentle acoustic ballad, Sunshine in the middle part increases the emotionality and effectiveness of the music, raising the sound to a level unknown before.
The revised version of the first composition We're Gonna Make It (alternate version), in a rethought sound completes the album.