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Was reborned somewhere in the desert?

July 20, 2018
Endless - Mad Sick Mind

Asian motifs begins and envelops the anticipation of the Endless - Mad Sick Mind album - as if many shadows wrap around ... but then Rebirth (intro) severely and severely rips. But the Asian motives do not recede, entering into a struggle with masculine rigidity and vocal frenzy.
But do not worry - the Destroy My Life devil and power are intertwined with the melody of the oriental motifs, moving away from the rampant music frenzy!
Wondrous plexus of power, melody and pitch! I advise Suicide song to listen to everyone!
Even more severely and tightly Convince Myself Again continues the sound of the previous composition, focusing on the growling. Rigidly, denser and with most emphasis on progressive motives Where Is Your God takes us to the stream of ancient Egypt. The conceptual album is endowed with unrestrained Mad Sick Mind might, intertwining vocal screaming and growling with the eastern symphony! This must be listened to! Oh yeah! A gentle melody and symphony casts off rigor and unrestrained rage! Speaking with thoughtful minstrel motives Part Of God prepares us for further sounding - peculiarly and unexpectedly! Enough! Unrestrained Memories Cut Skin Deep power and fury are woven together in a progressive pitch with a variety of vocal and instrumental delights. First sharply, then thoughtfully and tightly Gently, sensually and gently I Feel Nothing envelops perception with painful meditations. Inner Beast Know Yourself continues these reflections, combining the primacy of vocal rabies and symphonic limits of musical sacraments.
The vocal controversy of screaming and growling weaves Last Dream in a fierce misunderstanding, then the musical leitmotif complements this trinity with its frenzy. So dense shock entry rigidly and fiercely compacts the sound, The Extinction Of The Species harder and tighter ends the album!