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They will never go hungry - they can eat everything

May 03, 2017
11th Commandment - Food For Worms

Majestic intentions, noble inspiration, divine grace - can happens or not, one way or another ... but everyone will becomes 11th Commandment - Food For Worms at the end of life!
Soft, fascinating calm introduction of the Abraded Notion turns into rigid rhythmic drive, enveloping the atmosphere of concentrated confidence in the coming events.
Gestures clear rhythmic drive Black (Color Of Freedom) continues in a straight line and stubbornly bends the line, not allowing the slightest doubts change its full of confidence course.
The main motif time after time circulates in a whirlwind of exciting melody, winding all the surrounding spaces with hot winds of vocal phrases wich tells that I Feel Nothing.
The whirlwind of Schemes Of Life impetuous drive flies on the wings of scorching winds, smashing with the furious music stream all the obstacles on its path.
Viscous musical motifs envelops with the intriguing haze, capturing to the space of the Asphyxiation main motive, then rushing into the verse with a swift stream. But with the introduction of vocals, the pace takes respite, then combining screaming and growling unite in a single musical stream.
In the impenetrable fog of the main motive, melodic sparkles break out, the whole composition Breathe On passes in dispute between screaming and growling vocal styles.
Entry rocking from side to side, then Polluted breaks into a rapid spurt, then combining that styles in the single musical image, returns to rolling durig the chorus.
Keyboard passages fly over hard and gloomy Inquisition motifs, like shimmering bright sparks, permeating a gloomy fog with their glittering flights.
Romantic mood was set by the introduction, then Imprisoned sounds as thoughtful melody, remembers the former losses. The main motive continues the mood of the previous composition.
The leitmotif of the title track Food For Worms is obsessively and demandingly repeated from the very beginning, shoving freedom with its viscous whirlwinds. Vocal perty starts with growling style in grim haze with overkoming keyboards inclussions, screaming occasionally complements the sound with its phrases.
A muffled whisper begins Left To Rot (Prayer) sounds, then hardens and embitters with gloomy musical moves the completion of the album.