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So precious chains wraps that oak from all sides

May 02, 2017
Atlas Pain - What The Oak Left

There is something that will not be forgotten for ever - always worthy of respect and honor: Atlas Pain - What The Oak Left reminds us of this with its bright tunes.
Gently and calmly the melody flows in like a quiet stream, a thoughtful whisper reminisces the past The Time And The Muse, creating spectacular symphonic castle with chants of mythical fairies.
Fairy tales continue their exciting melodic impulses To The Moon, the music complements the delicate and lyrical melody with a furious drive, combining the phrases of clean vocals and violent scream-growling. Wonderful old motifs recreate the spirit of the epochs in the instrumental part, giving way to the right of demonic vocal to complete the composition.
Brisk furious drive starts Bloodstained Sun, Continuing whirling in the whirlwinds of an exciting and fascinating melody, turning the head off by glitters of the bloody star.
A gentle, romantic and inspirational introduction Till The Dawn Comes brings the inspired saga to the transcendental space of wonderful desires and delightful angels sparkling in the sunlight. But demonic evil fights come into conflict with light aspirations, and in the fighting dance of this confrontation a melodic conflict of light and darkness occurs.
Folklore motifs and tunes brings stream of musical The Storm towards the improvement, pointing with their soft and melodic strokes the way for the future achievements.
Clearly and rhythmically the blacksmith's hammer strikes the anvil, forging a focused and sparkling sound with a powerful drive of Ironforged sparkling armor.
Dancing in a joyous run in a frenzied rush of heroes encounters opponents who are satisfied The Counter Dance. In this fast competition, this exciting song sounds.
Annwn's GateThe solemn and grandiose Annwn's Gate honor is given to all legendary ancestors, combined in an amazing and delightful saga.
The majestic hymn continues to extols the glory and honors, leaving From The Lighthouse indelible trace of solemn enchantment, gloriously and charmingly combining pure and growling styles in vocal parts.
The instrumental tale White Overcast Line completes these solemn chanting, finishing the entire album with an adorable and delightful triumph of melodism.