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They did not ask for much

May 20, 2021
Bloody Chains, 2021 -  Last Will

Pensive instrumental accession of the First Blood intro creates an afmosphere of reflection, then continuing the musical tale of the Bloody Chains - Last Will album with the unity of musical and vocals variations in a joint dance embodied the sound of the Into the Void composition.
The violent dance of guitar riffs is combined with the Fire vocals rage into the sound of a medium-point musical thriller with notes of a battle march and the essays of folklore motifs. The Poltergeist begins the fascinating mysteriousness of musical arrestism, but then develops the main maintenance in the pulsating heartbeat of the rhythmic march. With the entry of vocals, the tempo of music is accelerated in the injection of non-refining expectations with the vortices of the rapid drive.
The guitar solo of the Tormented Soul intro calls for a frantic vortex of rage, the loan is wrapped with vocal reflections, but sometimes varies the pace and sound in combination with vocal frenzy. The Sacred War song is replenished by an inescript musical thriller, but with the entry of the vocal introduces to the music of the oriental shades.
Music and vocals are wokering in the Rotting God dance of the sensitive romanticism, quite unexpected in this style of music! The title composition Last Will completes an album incredibly bright guitar solo entry, transforming into hitovy unity of music of the main motive and vocal experiences.