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These hearts are so easy to break

April 18, 2022
Disaster Area - Glasshearts

Emotionally and excitingly, the title track begins the The Disaster Area - Glasshearts album's musical procession, complementing the vocal reflections with meaningful and impressive musical support. The Blackout song separates the contrasting fragments of the rebellious assertiveness of the verses and the inspired ascension in the sound of the choruses, bringing vocal reflections to the forefront of the musical variations in the even more meaningful and meaningful sound of the Bruised & Broken ballad.
Playful vocal inspirations culminate in mesmerizing reflections on the fascinating journey of the Youth canto. After an alarmed recitative expanding the stylistic framework of the album, the Misery composition weaves musical passages in exciting round dances with vocals changes. The guitar solo of the Exile intro creates an atmosphere of musical intrigue, retreating before the vocal part in the verse and uniting in the chorus in a joint musical narrative.
Starting with a dreamy vocals narrative, the Nothing composition creates a mood of sound for the next Happy Pills track, transformed by the Baptized futuristic embodiment of spiritual anthems.
The reinterpretation of the title track with the transformation into the Glasshearts (Acoustic) romance and the Glasshearts (feat. Nico Sallach 2020) version with the participation of a guest vocalist put the final point in the music of the album.