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April 18, 2022
Lacrimae (GRC) - Entropia (EP)

The idea and sublime the Opus Tempus piano solo suite envelops with the charm of the atmosphere of the beginning of the Lacrimae (GRC) - Entropia (EP) musical release, then developing its musical motifs in the musical essence of the Necromancer progressive brooding saga in a solemn and meaningful unity with vocal reflections, giving a more significant atmosphere to the sound and gradually developing the story of the fairy tale of the vocal part.
The music fills with epic charm and symphonic atmosphere the sound of the Indistinct dark fairy tale, in which both guitar and keyboard passages are manifested, creating an atmosphere of fascinating charm around the vocal narrative and captivating in an artistic journey through a sense of musical grandeur.
The vocal narrative of the singing lady is brought to the forefront of the Inhale-Exhale musical image, alternating in sound with disturbing and nervous progressive musical variations. But with the return of vocal sensuality, the music acquires echoes of saddened romance in the sound of a pensive ballad.
According to the title, the Outro composition closes the musical gates of the album.