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These explorations are shrouded in impenetrable fog

October 09, 2020
Reasons Behind - Project: M.I.S.T.

Musical Unplugged mystery creates intrigue, then develops its musical motives set by instrumental intro with the Fireflies In The Wind song's into a union of the melodic charm of the singing lady's vocals and the melodic variations that make up the true essence of this Reasons Behind - Project: M.I.S.T. album. After the mysterious chants, A Hidden Thread track brings the vocals to the forefront of musical narration, wrapping vocal phrases in the epic lace of musical artistry.
Capturing the mesmerizing sound of the intro, the vocals then create a kind of mystery, developing the motives of the intro in the hit vortex of the Shades Of Neon chorus. The Ghostwired vocals are in a mid-tempo march, crowned with the charm of musical melody. Once again subjugating the development of the Beyond The Black musical essence, the vocal part is entwined with the laces of the keyboard suite, combining symphony with modern sound. The Living A Lie and Binary Stars songs brings an even greater influence to popular music, accelerating the pace of musical storytelling and bringing in some rebellious playfulness with vocal phrases.
Once again, the Between Here And Awake instrumental composition with obscure background chorales sets the direction for the development of musical motives of the subsequent (E)met song, the vocals of which bring in the influences of mystical charm and symphonic romanticism. The No Dawn To Come concludes the album's musical tale with sublime inspiration.