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An image always consists of parts and fragments

May 05, 2023
Among Your Gods - Shards Of Yourself (EP)

The whirlwind of the introduction is whirled by the rapid ascension of the introduction, then the title track of the Among Your Gods - Shards Of Yourself (EP) release complements the charm of the vocal story, entwined with the inspired artistry of oriental motifs and melodic musical passages. Then the variability and artistic inspiration again and again varies the rhythm and tempo of the musical composition, expanding the stylistic framework of this musical creation and introducing more and more new musical shades into its sound.
The rhythmic musical procession brings elements of a military march to the sound of The Fugitive song, but then increasing the pressure and fury of the drive complements the sound with a whirlwind of a musical thriller. However, then the vocal part intervenes again, replacing the stern fury of the growling vocals with the inspired dreaminess of clean vocals, bringing elements of contrasting musical positions and artistic variations to the sound.
Expanding the stylistic framework of the musical artwork, the Rise Up (Rus) composition changes the language of vocal lyrics, enveloping the vocals story with the twilight lace of an enchanting musical fairy tale that brings enchanting elements of artistic mystery.