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These creatures can also step forward

March 20, 2021
Woslom - A Near Life Experience

The viscous twilight of the misty smack of intro into the noise of distant bad weather is retreating before the Underworld Of Aggression vocals part lacking for the mane the rampage of the unrestrained drive. The title composition continues the Woslom - A Near Life Experience album with an epic saga in which the pace and musical tonality varies.
The ringing of the bell in a mysterious millet with overtooks of a saddled symphony dispels the rebnish vocal appeal and rolling the Brokenbones ball of the unrestrained drive. The Lapses Of Sin continues such an alternation of gloomy intrigue and a fierce drive, a few diverse and vary vocals part, which is governing with a playful music dance.
Guitar solo with a soft chime gives music romantic shades, but then the Redemption composition develops a medium-dimensional anthem from the traditional metal melody for trash. The drumroll and rhythmic guitar urges intrigue to the Unleash Your Violence intro, but then in anticipation of the entry of vocals, the music imposes variable rhythmic solutions.
Weaving a tapestry of the epic musical lace, the b>Lords Of War song fascinates by the union of the melodism of musical sound and the synthesis of vocal phrases, varying the tonality of the harsh vocals from fierce emotionality to the tough growling. The vigorously and drive of the traditional music stream for this style of music, the final compositions give a tribute to the source of this musical style first with the Total Speed Thrash song, then putting the lineal point in the inspiration to the group inspired to the creativity with the Thrasher's Return (Bywar cover) their song.