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Long forgotten ages of lifeless silence

March 20, 2021
Little Dead Bertha - Age Of Silence

Starting in the Intro gloomy symphony, the Little Dead Bertha - Age Of Silence album continues to develop the musical essence of the sound of the Heaven For Sinners composition, combining incredible variations of vocal styles into the sound - there is also a harsh rogue, and fierce screaming and symphonic appeals of the opera vocals of the singing lady. The instrumental part is fascinated by echoes of symphonic effect. Starting by piano solo, the Day Of Your Life then removes the grover on the forefront of the musical image, complementing it with a gloomy symphonic tone, retreating before the head of the opera female vocals.
The Age Of Silence title track pumps the procession of the majestic march, as if he is rebelled from non-existence the gloomy figures of silent black knights, but then the musical pace of sound is somewhat accelerated. The Restless immediately replete with the swirl of the musical thriller, accused of tapes of musical melodes. But then the sound of the eastern motives are wedged. Female vocals goes to forefront of the Death, Life, Fall musical image that anticipating some expansion of the stylistic framework of the musical variations of the album.
Playful keyboard passes with some notes of pirated and sea romance alternate with the unrestrained Storm wind of a frantic drive. The Come In My Dreams song creates a musical composition's structure based on vocal alternation. This completes the main part of the album, in the bonus part of which the band offers rethinking of the iconic No Time To Cry ("Sisters Of Mercy" / "Cradle Of Filth" cover) and Devils Diner ("Lake Of Tears" cover) compositions of the legendary groups.