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The city of the dead is hidden from the perception of living

March 19, 2021
A Night In The Abyss - Necropolis

Artistic keyboard solo precedes the pressure of the Aborted Idol track's harsh drive, combining screaming and growling in the vocal part with the epic atmosphere of the musical artistry of the A Night In The Abyss - Necropolis album. The dance of the drumming creates the militant mood of the sound of the Cold Hearted Comeuppance saga, then bringing epic echoes of fairy tales in a progressive unity of musical variations and vocal phrases, complemented by the atmosphere of symphonic musical passages.
After the symphonic introduction the Nepotism song puts the alternation of screaming and growling of the vocal part in the foreground of the musical image, supplementing them with sparkling keyboard echoes of forgotten fairy tales. The Human Condition track adds to the sound a progressive unity of melody and drive, making the sound a little bit harder, but keeping the conceptual atmosphere of the album.
The soft and romantic guitar solo of the intro anticipates the fascinating and fascinating transformations of the Pavor Nocturnas composition. The Pestilence musical suite combines the symphonic atmosphere of the musical constructions with the vocal extremity of emotional screaming and harsh growling, continuing the bodacious style of sound in the enchanting sound of the Gaia song, based on the transformation of vocal reflections, wrapped in bright musical ribbons and enchanting epic covers of fairy tales and legends. A Family Crucifixion song closes the album with a stern procession of dark and somber anthems.