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There's no use to take a rest - in the reign of Death

December 12, 2016
This Ending - Garden Of Death (Deluxe Edition)

Weird invisible ghosts hovering in ruins among the barren nonexistent trees in This Ending - Garden Of Death (Deluxe Edition) !
Fast and furious Torrent Of Souls begins the story, quickly and dramatically seeking vulnerabilities in the minds and mental weakness, that makes the soul vulnerable. The chorus powerfully driven phrases and beats with fragments of broken dreams in a fragile soul.
Blackened Shrine envelops from all sides by dark atmosphere of mysterious enigma, carrying the occult mystery of the waving flag in far end of the unknown space, making a break at the campfire from time to time.
Boundaries Of Hell asunder in front of us, carrying light riffs and phrases uverennіmi growl, soaring to lofty bridges exquisite Fihri, piercing the darkness ostymi blades. Chorus enshrines surrounding atmosphere of terror and fear.
Legend of Dark Samaritan is spread at once rich and furiously, collecting adepts and the faithful. But, gather enough audience tale reduced pace, raising melodic guitar sound over confident and precise growl.
Title track begins with lace of guitar notes ornaments, sparks and melodic brilliance in tunes that entrains into the Garden Of Death. Being among frozen horror, monstrous patterns and dead branches you listen to the confident story that accelerating pace after the chorus to the next one.
Beginning mysteriously intriguing, introducing the mystery of the unknown feelings for all of Victims, sharply and rapidly crushing their spirit in the verses and slowly finishing off their minds in the chorus, bringing together this combination in the instrumental middle.
Vocals from the first music exalts the features and weirdness of the World Of Nightmares, combining the vocal styles of growling and screaming and varying the pace from the middle ragged to a slow viscous.
In the manner of romantic melancholy ballad begins the story of Chaos Within, then during the verse song transformed into a fierce and angry frenzy, carrying the destruction and fragmentation by chaotic rays around. But the chorus returns pensive grim melancholic melody, that serves as the main motive, insisting on the understanding - that the radiated hatred has not diminished chaos within not for a bit!
It collects anger and wrath in a powerful jet, directing sound of Vultures in unstoppable violent rush of uncontrollable rage, approaching the melodic but equally powerful chorus Bonus part consists of their Systematic Worship (EP) tracks.
Rhythmically hammering blows coming, moving as powerfully and clearly to the chorus, which sings clean vocals source and origin of Our Creation (Bonus), that states with harsh growling.
The main motive blade penetrates the whole body of Army Of (N)one (Bonus), that make difference combining various vocal styles (screaming, growling and groovy harsh) in the mystical pattern unite.
Sharply and zealously starting in intro, No More Silence (Bonus) turns into midtempo traditional thriller that finalizes the entire artwork.