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There's no use to pray - just choose your way!

June 16, 2016
Saratoga - Morir en el Bien, Vivir en el Mal

Live with dignity, die as befits - Saratoga - Morir en el Bien, Vivir en el Mal appeals to that way!
Ample, powerful, appeals for action intro opens Perseguido. Then the narrative comes at the limit of the average pace in the bridge turning into a crushing rhythm.
The melody is combined with a fury - Mi venganza begins that way! The mid-tempo sneaks verse surrounded by guitar passages, the chorus fiercely accelerating my vengeful impulses. Brief yells, and then avenger takes his goal!
Entry opens up new horizons, but there is the battle cry of the bass is complemented by the powerful blows of drums, all have to understand that - Morir en el bien, vivir en el mal. Compositions canvas, vocals and performance much closer to the different styles than the rest of the composition - it denser, harder and more various in rhythm patterns. Title track perfect, as for me!
Rapid, galloping pace in a ragged rhythm with dreamy guitar riff starts Como el viento. Spectacular break and further ride on! Drumms entry opens Volvera for the next parts Verse, followed by leitmotif riff, which slows down the pace in the bridge - and intrusive, stubbornly chorus, that repeats title a lot of times!
Vocal phrase repeats the track title - Luchar o morir, then the story continues, all increasing the tempo and sometimes being supplemented with mysterious whispers and several vocal tracks.
After drums signs, guitars reveal their fury and wilderness, that rush is the intro of the El vals de la rosa herida - con Aroa Martin de Khael. Next the track combines rapid rush with the melodic tunes, supported by female vocals, which not hide away from fast and furious parts of that track. A brief sublime acoustic part with lady's voice turns into the rage of furious end!
Acoustic guitar starts by its fingering the sade of musical mystery, vocals drops down another curtain in El cipres solitario ballad. Powerful drumbeats increased power'n'density of the composition and greatly increase the pace speed. But sound turn back to dreamy lyrical ballad allmost 'till the end. But rush closes the track.
Buzzing and biting entry of Vi flows with its riffs through the verse, a bit calmed the pace during the bridge and chorus.
Keyboards exacerbate the mystique, the rhythm supports its ordinances by thrashing pace, vocals tells us that No pidas perdon. The story, wrapped in clouds of ghost keyboard passages, flying around, moving forward at a moderate pace.
Entry riff strive to create a gloomy, oppressive atmosphere, Saliendo de la oscuridad develops this tendency, completing every part by drumbreaks and vocals flashes.
From the first notes - super-fast, furious, impetuous Eterea surrounds us from all sides its relentless vocals, some concealing the rampant rate of the bridge and chorus. The story ends by the ruthless cry...and few calm words.