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Can't be dead if you're undead

June 16, 2016
Imperium - Titanomachy

Othrys is the intro of the Imperium - Titanomachy and reveals to us some oriental mystics - like clash of the swords and folk tunes by female voice choral.
A viscous, like shy hesitates to entry into reveal the fullness of its traits. Then gain power and speed, becomes ready to Castrate the Father of the Sky. Rage'n'haste verse turns into the deliberate chorus, that describes entire process as well.
Rage of fierce drumbreak show us the Beast from Beneath. Vicious fierce, filled with nervous scream, verses are replaced by the power and ferocious tenacity of growl. Complex, intricate guitar component, complete with screaming growl completes the track.
Rolling and visco occurs Descend the Abysmal Void, increasing anger and narrative density, spinning guitar riff every stage of of this trip.
Mysterious acoustic fingering create the access point to Ingurgitate the Traitor. However, minced, fickle, broken rhythm continues to shy away from side to side by changing the pace and pattern.
Into Abode of the Dead - exceptionally cryptic, mysterious chords without disrupting, instrumental majesty can be found there.
The Unseen One take his journey near and far away, distinct, powerful and crucial rhythm is clearly the structure of the composition, guitar and vocals obey this pattern in their impulses.
Instrumental track Skies That Bear Thunder thats guitar riff, leading us through a wall of incomprehension and invisible barriers to the Phlegethon Rising rising up from nowhere, buzzing every fiber of its energy, inflating the cavity space and absorbing power of prayers and aspirations of their minions.
Oriental folklore motives are not hidden, they are just waiting in the wings for the next manifestation of itself. And that moment came with the arrival of Minos. Hardly construed complemented by modern instrumental parts and braided by cords of guitars, these motifs accompany composition canvas with different vocals, scream and growl.
Melodic guitar, opens Neither like Gods nor Men for our perception, the growl leading mid-tempo story, something incredibly accelerating its pace and adding screams inclusions to its patterns.
The title track seems to be the crow for the entire collection of manuscripts, Titanomachy begins with the epic weird sounds combined from the blows and wind instruments. Then rugged, and the ever-changing beat, surrounded by ambient and various guitar riffs, radiating its energy for maintenance of vocals that combines screaming and growling. This story closes to the end with more and more subsides guitar motif. And lady's voice signs the end.