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Something single not alone yet

June 15, 2016
Stortregn - Singularity

Does not always crowd will help, may be much better Stortregn - Singularity .
Guitar fingerind deliberatly starts the dreamy Enlighten Salvation, then acoustical sounds get more powerful support by guitars and rhythm section. Vocals adds to pattern 2 colours - scream and growl.
The guitar riff head in the clouds, the sky like land on which it runs and circling easily. That divine tune turns into leitmotif of the Acosmic Ascendant. In the middle of this sublime sound changes its course, several converting composition. But soon riff returns its leading role, not allowing new entities into oblivion.
Crimson Depths begins a description of their depth from the first notes, without hiding anything, and without concealing. Growling and screaming parallel lead their party, recalls and constantly changing each other.
Briskly and abruptly brings down their deeds upon us Omega Rising. After the first rapid verses, a bridge to the chorus slows and calms its run through obstacles, but the guitar solo escapes into the wild, and rushing through space ahead. Dreamy whisper ends this track.
All started by sublime, divine riff, then Aurora fasten and gain more powerful instrumental support, runs throug the obstacles with a brief melodic breaks.
Pulsing, appeals to the higher powers, praying to the spirits of nature guitars in its tunes, they knows about Black Moon Silhouette. Narrator tells his story slow and suspicious, then accelerate its flow for a bit 'till the instrumental break, then continues its narration with a lot of brief instrumental interupts.
Darkly, frighteningly begins Nightside Of Eden, then the darkness acquires a melody, guitar picking flesh and complemented by lyrical soul. After outbursts of anger, changing speed to power and vice versa sounds an acoustic guitar fingering, it becomes the leitmotif of the final part of the song performed by electroguitars.
Bard plays it on its acoustic guitar, enslaved the soul of nature by its fingers, so he fingering the Elegy for the best of people he knows as well.
Seems like the title track, Neverending Singularity (Bonus) performs the best shapes of that artwork by its patterns and canvas, without resorting to either the rhythm or melody in a dull one, changing them and supplementing these changes alternating vocals, screams and growls! Argh, pity one thing - it's over as the entire album...