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There's no time for tears - no way!

July 15, 2016
Zar - Don't Wait For Heroes

In God we pray - but those who help themselves Zar - Don't Wait For Heroes .
Whispers begins by the questions, but - farther strongly and maliciously requires - Don't Wait For Heroes! Thick accompaniment stuck in the middle and a slow pace, but the title track does not leave alone and forgotten the main theme! Do not wait for them! They - will not be here at all!
One Step Closer powerful rolling and sad accompaniment conducts its way, and then continue commemorating this slowdown in the bridge. However, the rhythm and the tempo is stable and does not change!
A quiet and calm ballad conducts its way through time and space, then Fighter crucifing by his sword, fists and will the way ahead!
Hush, relaxed beginning - after valiant fights and slaughterhouses worst that preceding to that track, All Worlds End melodiously preparing for the upcoming apocalypse.
End of the world didn't happens? Dripping rain, irrigating the land by its drops - melodic, lyrical and acousticThe Rain Is Still Going On ballad tells us about that! No end of life - still rainy there!
Spinning by vortices up, intro lifts up Till The Final Day to the higher threshold of consciousness, then vortexes again!
Slowly, leisurely comes the entry into our consciousness - you have to understand that Blood Means War! Powerful, rhythmically swaying - that thought creeps by leisurely gait into our consciousness!
Slowly and lyrically we remember the Time that have left behind, dreaming about that will come. But the fact - that the behind - only to bid farewell!
Instrumental epic The Rose raises us by keyboards passages and lyrical, dreamy guitar riffs beneath the clouds at all!
Triumph Of Faith rushes the rabies, supported by tight rhythm guitars, condemns vocal in their chains. But the vocals does not allow himself to enslave, creating its own way - which is followed by a guitar as is!
Acoustic guitar, keyboards and violin begins a poem about the Stalingrad. Rhythm conducts the story, not agreeing with the rest of the armada, but the vocals echoed these jerks by its feeds!
The rhythmic beats of the shamanic drum opens Konsuke for us. Then the shaman begins to broadcast the beat of the tambourine, bells ringing. Rhythmic ballad with the warlike folk elements. Storm concealed skies by mists, spinning vortexes in anger - sometimes it howling like a beast, other times cries like child in a danger!