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The world don't simple - a lot of questions!

July 14, 2016
Art Of Deception - Shattered Delusions

There's no destructive mansions, no hatred illusions just have to understand all of the Art Of Deception - Shattered Delusions .
For a long time it leads to the continuation of his thoughts, acoustic guitar dancing around it, but no apology - all continue to the Lunar Eclipse! Powerful idea continues, growling repeats title - not the slightest relaxation - just lunar eclipse!
Might not tired, she's going to Killing, torn supply, furious vocals and instrumental accompaniment nervous ideas "every shits! Death to all!" But - in the middle creep doubt among the instruments born disputes...and all of us can hear classical motifs in a guitar solo. All not all of us? Listen to that to decide!
Slowly, without haste occurs Kraken's Awakening. Powerful and zealously verse smashing everything around without seeking to develop tempo. But the chorus, not creeping out from the underwater cave gyre all of the thoughts in one place for dancing withoit any doubt!
Accrues sound dulls the mind Washing Water, leitmotif overgrown in a powerful burst, stepping aside in the middle subside, but only briefly - he'll be back, do not spare their enemies!
Bah! Boom! Whack! Breaking, destroy, crashing all around! Oyekast moves in a rush to destruction, without interruption, and respite doubt! Destroy everything around - at a different pace, without distinction!
Without distinction, without a break, the melody flies forward to be Molested By The Beast. Quickly, without the slightest embarrassment preaching of thy stories will end in the middle, so melodic guitar solo has allowed rethink that have experienced and heard.
The guitar solo in the introduction, among the extinguished candles and evening prayers moves us to the Illusion Of Trust. What about? Can you believe it or not? Or, where to look? What for? ... He shakes his head, rubs his eyes, shakes in ignorance... what's the better, what to do as well?! Argh! Listening of that can answer these questions! Or not? Have to try!
The idea of rhythm, blow ... you are young - or too old? Asking that to you so Evil (Bitch), as the blonde's mind at work! Anger and hatred do not refute the melody and sensuality, it is embodied in the entire composition. But sensuality pulled to the forefront in a guitar solo!
Ideas get lost, following the melody of acoustic guitar, spending time and emotion on different notes - that's the Organized Chaos deeds! Goes forth not interrupting its delights, jerks and sudden intangible desires. The bridge and the chorus shush these jumps from side to side, but only until the next attack of the chaotic eclipse! The song and the album ends by dreamy confession...