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There's no sense to study all around - if not sure what's inside

August 03, 2017
Desolate Plains - Practicing the Inner Arts

A lot of rock styles combibes in Desolate Plains - Practicing the Inner Arts as single entity - because of this, music does not lose its originality, on the contrary creates very peculiar images. Sharply and quickly The Return to Normalcy comes in an energetic pace. After the drive couplet follows a tribute to a gloomy symphony, taking dark and melodic outlines.
Epic tales performed by clean vocal, starting as some kind of bardic saga. Thus, Being of Despair has shifted to other stylistic images - but the composition ends in the same gloomy musical twilight. Starting again with a soft ballad with a tenor on the front edge and a baritone on the background, Items of Beauty then refers to demonic vocal scrambling and violent instrumental drive. But the duo completes the composition with clean vocal and restrained, meditative music.
A powerful and persistent wave covers the introduction, then the guitar parts are becoming more complicated and complicated, twisting a mysterious obscure image of Discoloration of the Iris in which the clean vocals duo only shows up at the end.
The leitmotif, unquestionably leading the sound of Beneath My Skin along its path is combined with pure vocals, supplemented by periodic scrambling connections at the end of the bars. Approaching the composition of the vocals change places, the music becomes more viscid and gloomier, but ends just as at the begining.
The anger, rage and indignation of the vocals and music are transmitted to the surrounding atmosphere, by inflating the musical power of The Rising to unprecedented levels.
Starting with a soft melody like playing on the strings of the soul, On the Verge then swings in a violent tug, combining soft and restrained vocal phrases with appropriate accompaniment with violent instrumental fragments. Shadow of Eternity continues the style laid down by the previous composition, but it makes it much more diverse and diverse. In the end, the female vocals join the musical diversity on the background.
The title track Practicing the Inner Arts begins with a symphony complemented by a distant rhythm reminiscent of a distant alarm or thunderbolts. Then the solos of the percussion are combined with the majestic guitar trill, giving rise to the rhythmic canoe of the verse, followed by a pulsating majestic chorus.
Like the breeches and chorus of the previous one become a separate composition, Parasite diversifies the sound with changeable, broken rhythms, bright keyboards and ornate vocal duet. The sensual, pensive ballad Taming an Inner Storm touches all emotional experiences, leaving no one indifferent - after all, each such ideas are hanging inside. Then the music puts on its lyrical image in heavy, gloomy and impenetrable armor of heavy rhythm, ending as viscous, tough ballad.
After the previous composition of the other end of the album as a changeable, diverse When Birds Gather Low - combining a stiff, pensive ballad and a hard drive at an average pace. In the main, the instrumental saga is completed by muffled, incomprehensible vocal phrases.