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August 04, 2017
Irdorath (Aut) - Denial Of Creation

Great album Irdorath (Aut) - Denial Of Creation combines a lot of musical styles, not allowing you to clearly dominate none of them - but combining them in an unrivaled musical artwork!!
Rigid, violent and unbroken Devoured By Greed comes in, the vocals bring a bit of reflection and weight. Then the violent drive of the verse turns into melodious reflections of the chorus and the subsequent musical series.
Pulsating, like the heartbeat of an unseen creature that exists in Trail Of Redemption into unknown unknowns, the composition begins its delightful tale with an entertaining introduction, turning into a thoughtful, epic saga. The introduction of the vocal introduces a bright explosion of energy and content, in rapid impulses rushing to a sign chorus, thoughtfully and trembling sorting out the imaginable and unthinkable options for continuing the chosen path. Thoughtfully and with concentration, once again tearing himself away in the impetuous searches in the verse.
Turning erratically to the introduction, then Sacred Deception puts questions in the verses again and again, demanding answers - but the insights enter the chorus, combining the delightful, exciting instrumental outline with the solemn giving of the desired meaning.
The gentle, gentle and inspired introduction of The Curse That Haunts The Earth is replaced by the rapid frenzy of the instrumental part, then the vocals combine these contrasts in a single flow of meaningful music, powerful, confident and significant in their procession.
Effectively, meaningfully and painstakingly the priests perform the ritual Purification, voicing the meaning of all their deeds and zadumok. Powerfully, confidently and tangibly the music sets the pace, the priests broadcast their spells, cleansing the thoughts of those around them with their spells.
In the disputes of priests, druids, heroes and natural phenomena, the dark period of Covenant Of The Unbounded is coming, when human knowledge turns out to be bereft and insignificant. Some seek salvation in the faith, devoting themselves to the service of religion - but religion reflects reality: where there is light, there will be a shadow where there will be a glow - there will be darkness nearby.
After the loss of innumerable legions of intelligence in the darkness Blessings From Above brings good news, invoking the light and intelligent in people, doing it persistently and unshakably.
But darkness will not yield to conquests, acting In The Name Of Decay - but it will stop at nothing, powerfully, furiously, painstakingly destroying everything around with the breath of darkness and the fetters of fear. Furiously, confidently and deliberately grinding the usual order in a meaningful and effective average pace.
The dark beginnings rebel against everything in the title composition Denial Of Creation, creating a charming ballad into the introduction, then persistently and confidently crushing the resistance of the weak and frail in their righteousness of the forces of light, completing the album. In these alternations of rage and lyrics, this magnificent composition sounds.
But, nevertheless, the completion of the album is postponed - the band remembers their old creation, bringing it to Die Rache Des Baumes (Bonus Track) for everyone's attention, transferring music to a slightly different stylistic framework, supplementing with german lyrics.