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What do you see in this spot? And in this?

August 02, 2017
Two Moons - Cognitive Dissonance (Limited Edition)

Numbers starts dark, brooding and gloomy Two Moons - Cognitive Dissonance (Limited Edition) album in a restrained, viscous atmosphere, then creating ghostly obstacles behind which hides gloomy whisper and over which mystical keyboards passages hovers.
A thoughtful gloomy album's atmosphere continues to bind the mind with invisible fetters - in the sound of Silent the key role is played by keyboards, then they are combined with a dreamy guitar riff.
Pulsating in a mysterious bit, Across In The Sky complements the gloomy fog with some kind of drive, the vocals seem to hide in the background behind mysterious and meditative music.
Again, the rhythm draws the Destruction musical image into its flow, forcing it to follow the path indicated by it - no way to release from its will.
Rhythmic in the introduction, Strange Day becomes more cryptic and mysterious with the introduction of the vocals, as like covering with so foggy obscure the surrounding reality, stating from the sight of obvious revelations and clear images.
A clear rhythm, pounding like propeller shaft and mechanical transmissions ... as if falling into the realm of machines, robots around and lifeless energy radiating soulless entities of mechanical connections, that ensures the statment It's Not My Fault.
Heartbeat probides I Live In Lies intro and becomes the leitmotiff of this composition. Gloomy twil shrouds from all sides. Unclear shadows, danger from everywhere - it is unknown where in this impenetrable darkness hides The Monsters. In gloomy, disturbing music, bright, encouraging breathing is intertwined with soft, melodic keyboards and guitar passages.
Rebirth completes the gloomy expanse of the album, continuing to reflect on ways to leave these frightening, horrific places, reborn among cloud castles.