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There's no sense to prey thy Lord - he's not judge here

July 15, 2017
Tash - And Us To Thy Service

The concentration of attention pulses in the entry, gently and restrainedly preparing the subsequent explosion of unrestrained drive, which left the most significant impression of Show No Fear as the first track of Tash - And Us To Thy Service album.
The howling of the northern piercing winds unites in the blizzard of the main motive, Monument in the bridges arranging melodic and majestic festivals of folk dances.
After soft and melodic, with a touch of northern folklore, the motives of the previous composition While the Empire Burns sweeps everything with the stream of unrestrained drive, transferring the sound in slightly different style - juggling with changes in the rhythmic structure, stiffening and hammering the musical ideas into the surrounding space. Although partly the same shade is present here as well.
Bloodlust Covenant continued flow of uncontrollable drive, but sharper and more complex. Vocal phrases serve as a blurred dark background for harsh and changeable music.
So charming, inspiring and memorable tune begins Defiling the Virgin Birth, turning into a violent, broken and complex narrative in which instrumental parts hover around vocal phrases with the changing haze of ghostly images Starting with a furious, measured and confident musical explosion, with the introduction of the vocals, Frail and False turns into a leisurely, restrained and soft story. But the unrestrained explosion of the drive returns again, although after a violent and vigorous jerk - it notes musical ideas at an average pace to the end of the composition, approaching the ballad style.
Time already raised the issue of the ballads - Perspective (Instrumental) without vocals, in a stream of brilliant instrumental parts embodies the charming atmosphere of wistful romance, experienced impressions, eternal wisdom, and many other phenomena of destiny.
Pulsing in unison with the heartbeat, the sound of Nocturnal Suffering combines power and melody in a single and vivid image, confidently and powerfully circling in a rhythmic dance.
The leitmotif is obvious even in the Cast Down introduction, piercing the whole tune their influence, even hiding from the front edge of the sound leaves no impressions from his influence. But a furious, confident rhythm does not agree with such a domination - from the competition of these parties the entire track has formed. Winter is coming, but Winter Has Come! The wail of the wind creates an atmosphere of frozen horror, but then the vocals, which turned into a proud, creaking screaming, unite in a heroic struggle with the magic of frost and the horror of eternal winter. Well, many of the musicians inspired the creation of the legend - in this case we listen to Dominate (Morbid Angel cover), rethinking the creation of one from the death-metal founders.