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They will all die someday, but until now they do not know about it

July 16, 2017
Esperoza - Aum Corrupted

Mysterious introduction A Broken Passage with chants of the invisible fairy starts the Esperoza - Aum Corrupted album, transferring into the atmosphere ... resembling the levels of the old-school FPS BLOOD.
The fairy performs her vocals more explicitly, starting the emotional symphony of Egohypnotized, bringing a considerable amount of symphonic Gothic music to the sensual sound of the vocals. Then the opera vocals require more freedom, the music gets impatient - and there comes demonic growling. But emotional operatic vocals come back again, enveloping by mysterious mystic haze.
The music becomes sharper, more driving. The vocals of the Unknown Summons begins with growling demoness, then combines his phrases with a confident, experienced and self-important witch.
The witch becomes restless, the music becomes nervous, full of anxious expectations. Tomb of Deeds sounds like some forebodings, cautioning to focus on the surrounding ambiguities.
Brief instrumental track Nocturne Opus 93 brings a share of gloomy romance and virtuosic keyboards, that sounds as atmospheric respite and the intro for Blame It on Me gloomy and depressing composition, the demoness turns the dominant role, and dictates his instructions to all around. Demanding, persistent, confident. The fairy and witch are imprisoned, asking for mercy and nobility. Keyboard virtuoso completes these pleas. In captivity, the witch continues to build sinister plans - deciding only whether the demoness will be her companion or vice versa, to sacrifice her. Demoness is building similar plans - the fairy tries to convince her of wrong actions. In such cycle of evil the whole Periods of 8 composition sounds.
Again wonderful, mysterious tunes - but this time not fairies, so witches Desolate Grief (Interlude). Rage, madness, discouraging drive is piling up from the first moments of I Rot song, then the fairy and the witch are in the same body, resisting the unification in this appearance. Demonessa changes her phrases, completing the structure of her judgments by screaming.
Bells ringing, wind instruments call for the spirit of hot winds and scorched sand, starting, in part, the title track ...And Here Comes the Immaculacy / Aum Mantra. The composition is long, diverse - many instruments and musical ideas are embodied in its sound, carrying through the ages the spirit of primordiality, completing the album with a lot of impressions, creating an exciting and meaningful atmosphere.