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There's no other way to calm your passion - just retaliation

June 23, 2016
Obscenity - Retaliation

Obscenity - Retaliation - that's the way not to regret. If you can't refuse it, or find simple way.
Powerfully sparkling wall, surrounded on all sides in Claustrophobic Hell, fast current composition interrupts the powerful bridge with a pair of vocal phrases, then verse rushing like a madman. Then, once the bridge is interrupted by the rapid movement, pressing walls frustrated attempts to escape. It will be repeated further - verse furiously pounding on walls, bridges and choruses crush by walls, cover the ceiling. Hell, it's hell!
Unrestrained advancing tale Embracing the Plague, wild and aggressive verses interspersed with dreamy calming bridges and chorus. In the instrumetal piece of the track the guitar solo like outside this track, taking away like a dream that come to life and adds to our expectations.
A powerful, rhythmic stepping pace starts the story of Whore of Secret. Verse continues the narration in that pace, than gains acceleration for a bit. Dreamy thoughtful chorus ends that repid style with its damnations.
Elder says that God is dead and we killed him! It means that already Abandon All Hope?! But we can't give up our hopes, powerful riffs supports a thirst for life, dragging off by its thick sounds. Bridges and chorus slows for explaining the hidden mysteries which can't be avoided - you have to overcome it and win!
Enigmatic and mysterious entry begins, mystically captivating us by riff into obligatoriness of the Ghastly Presence Haunting. Then the story of this sad necessity mastering the average pace in the verse, accelerated at the bridge, the next verse undergoing expansion from the intro's riff, which permeates the entire composition like the leitmotif.
Unrestrained, uncontrolled jerking indicates that The Day of Wrath will be soon. After furious rabies verse, bridge and chorus tend to be irrepressible imagination. And the guitar solo embodies the wildest fantasies in its sounds.
The guitar riff brings himself to fore of intro of Deracination. Then the vocals in the verse takes a leading role from it, but its echoes are carried in the palette of the composition, leaving ink specks.
Innate Depravity quick, lively composition is not swimming, but flying on the waves of guitar riffs, bypassing barriers of drum breaks, taking vocal boat through the sea of despair.
Drum Beats restrict guitar within their shores, Soul Eater under control, but his unrestrained imagination and the abilities will bypass all restrictions, shores and borders - first food for him will become souls of his overseers.
Vocals begins Ominous Determination frantically talking about his definitions with gaps making it impossible to increase the pace. In the chorus, certain acceleration is achieved, but the vocals keeps pace under control - not allowing him to leave the limited fences. And completes the composition, like a lyrical addition, melodic guitar fingering.