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Soulless beings can't be eternal

June 22, 2016
Wayfarer - Old Souls

We had to perceive various roles, always embraced by Wayfarer - Old Souls .
Leisurely maintains its rhythm and slowly preparing for further events, quiet and rare guitar strings chimes, unhurried drumbeats combined in the intro of Ever Climbing. After a long and exciting introduction, not speeding up the rhythm accompaniment increases the density and strength, enveloping vocals by riffs and motifs from all sides, dragging us to follow over their Chronicle in the abyss of its melodical crown. At finish of the instrumental part the pace is accelerating, but calms down closer to the end and returns to the familiar rate.
Frequent and active drumbeat, consistent with the sparse and haunting guitar passages, there's Frontiers before us.
Melody in the intro leads by guitar fingering, rhythm guitar supports it by accompaniment, next acoustic intro turns into gaining power of Old Souls' New Dawn tune, which increases flesh and strengthening the power of intro's melody. But bridges between verses rides on the mysterious motives to reinforce doubts, revealing the fascinating composition from different angles.
Catcher confident and tirelessly goes on its path, the average rate of its movement entwined melody, a leitmotif that permeates the entire track. But the instrumental part leads it on background, bringing to the fore acoustic guitar fingering, supported by bass guitar. But the leitmotif returns after the brief ragged and fast burst.
Guitar chimes shimmering for a lot of times, drums takes part, supportinging with their blows leisurely fascinating guitar passages. Then tune become more dense and mighty, but that's still the intro of the Deathless Tundra. Vocals joins in the mid of the track, after the first verse guitar fingering and intro riffs returns 'till the next verse. After that the rhythm section saturates its support, followed by the next verse breaking the shackles and gaining pace for a bit. But verse that completes the track in the usual pace for others.
Instrumental composition starting lonely dreamy mysterious riff, The Dust Lakes continues complementing drum support for thy riff. And completing this fantastic fascinating motives assembly of all instruments in a uniform impulse, riff from intro completes that all.
Furiously, fast, rhythmically and tightly starts All Lost In Aimless Chaos, guitar in the bridge fingering alone to detracts us from the unbridled rage, that will seize the vocals and instruments in the next verse. Chorus, on the other hand, without undue haste and hurry envelops and embraces us slow, dense and viscous guitar riff, a tight complementary growling vocals, then next bridge with the guitar fingering. The composition completes in the chorus-style, but without words ... slowing down and slowing down.