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There's no fear until charm so near

December 21, 2016
Sirenia - Dim Days Of Dolor (Limited Edition)

Romantic clouds of Sirenia - Dim Days Of Dolor (Limited Edition) wrappes boring mundane tribulations, do not change from year to year with its gentle enchanting symphonies !
Wonderful story of Goddess Of The Sea hovering the spray of waves, raising the salt glow in the sky. Lady brings to us the life of this particular deity his wonderful voice, and then the guards and assistants are joining in chanting the solemn sea of romance.
Alarmingly cautiously ascends opera instrumental symphony with vocals in title track Dim Days Of Dolor, then gentle femail voice mix beaytiful shades of her chants with the terror of growling inclusions in the The 12th Hour. Combining tough rhythmic blowing beats with the competition dispute of fabulous female vocals with angry growling phrases. Choir enthusiastically completes the composition by its exalted parties, creating brilliant foundation for the final passage.
Vocal phrases builds Treasure N' Treason mystery of doubts and uncertainty, wrapped in phrases appearing out of nowhere and apparel of instrumental laces.
After the mysterious chiming bells follows symphonic solo and orchestral passage, then impose sublime keyboard passages covers the romantic and mysterious story Cloud Nine with its blanket. Then sophisticated and sharp guitar solo leads composition to the final stage.
The gloomy ghosts, spirits of the past and unpredictable invisible unexpected dangers of Veil Of Winter surround us on all sides, making fears and warnings, providing male vocals to report about the dangers in the foreground.
The oppressive gloomy Ashes To Ashes atmosphere envelops us with sounds and mysterious atmosphere, rhythmically hammering its pace and rhythm with tough blows. Vocals confidently sets out their sentences, enveloping soft keyboards inclusions with shades of their words.
Medley, viscous and slowly Elusive Sun forces the heat of its breath, wrapping the main motive, driven by keyboards and wistful vocal phrases, by hot and fervent guitar swirl.
Jerk, carefully and cautiously vocals checks dangerous phenomena while Playing With Fire for fear of violent and sudden musical impulses. Chorus limits thoughtful reflections among its strong boundaries, still confident in their invulnerability. At the end of the demonic screaming of male vocals gives doubts to invulnerability of these limits, what causes an increase in fears of gentle lady.
Spokespersons and heralds presents their speech and proclamations for all around, preparing the people for the coming of Fifth Column, then this appeal accumulates resistance supporters, intensifying sound of their protests so much!
Gentle, pensive and charming ballad Aeon's Embrace with its enchanting dreamy passages and phrases in the clouds finishes the entire album, adding emotional experience with much more mental and emotional vocals in the Aeon's Embrace (French version - Bonus)!