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Let's burn down the night

December 19, 2016
Kryptos - Burn Up The Night

Darkness indestructible, irresistible, inflammable - but we have to Kryptos - Burn Up The Night! Today ...tomorrow and allways!
Furiously and promising starting, guitar riffs destroys any resistance, paving the way for harsh confident vocals, which creates a smooth and comprehensive picture of Blackstar Horizon reality, collecting its scattered pieces together with melodic guitar solo.
While continuing to rush with Full Throttle, music increases its power and drive, changing to a confident rhythmic manner, sealing and saturating the sound of the chorus. It the sound increases the power and drive, changing to a confident rhythmic manner, sealing and saturating the sound of the chorus. It hammering rhythm with tough blows of the heaviest powerful hammer before the final jerk to the end.
The ritual requires a clear focus, can not accept the haste and carelessness - The Summoning sacrament takes place in a confident and hard style.
Confidence and perseverance goes to the next level, recreating the impregnable stronghold of harsh and tough ballad Unto Elysium, that not keeps snotty romance - on the contrary, cultivating and improving the hardness and rigidity of the principles!
After a tough and assured state, One Shot To Kill gaps into rugged rush that drives us into reign of incoherence and uncertainty about the future, for the sake of a pensive monologue interrupted before the guitar solo, but ends up in the same manner uncertain sudden pace changes.
Waverider mounts demonic fiend of darkness that faster then winds, creating their spurts using its dark tough wings. Before an instrumental part of the tempo is slows down, bringing inspiring melodies to the fore, creating a motive for the next furious rush!
Vortices around the main motive guitar riffs, powerful wings creating wind support and promotes necessity to Prepare To Strike. Exciting melodic guitar solo attracts us its memorable sound, inspiring to strike the final deadly blow!
Title track Burn Up The Night completes this celebration nonexhaustive drive and desire for freedom in all its manifestations, shattering constraints