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Heavy metal running through their veins!

December 23, 2016
HammerFall - Built to Last

Have to search all forgotten past to collect wisdom, knowledge and skills to use tools for HammerFall - Built to Last !
Lively and fast, barreling toward the events without the slightest caution - they strive to Bring It! They have to get thet thing - have promoted to bring it! Just bring it!
The rhythmic rumble of drums and choral solo uplift sign of pledges to keep Hammer High swear before the end of time, until his and his descendants death to restrain it, to perform that strongest predestined sign! Higher and higher!
Gentle guitar strings fingering uprises calm tune creating intro of The Sacred Vow, turns into powerfull and strong riffs, that promotes tough verse 'till confident and clear chorus. Then calm dreamy fingering returns for a bit, followed by guitar solo and adepts choir.
Ornate decorative guitar melodies whirlwinds sweeping through the thickness of spaces, Dethrone and Defy can't stop the sharpest edge of that piercing blade!
Romantic thoughtful Twilight Princess extolled by quiet and calm ballad in melancholic story, that mixing dark and quiet guitar notes with inspiration of exalted keyboards passages.
Raze barriers to swirl in rapid knocks all constraints on the way of the Stormbreaker hero, who by his zeal and spirit despised inability to dispel the darkness of the dark ages and cut the heads of monsters and dragons.
Powerfully hammering stages whie driving the past to the future from past, title track Built to Last state in middle pace confidental sign for the better life and all desires have to be completed at all of the best!
Vortex whirls, carrying on the wings of the night through the darkness past the monstrous horror. The Star of Home provides that dream, takes us from the past terror to the sparkling that comes later for all who get back to home.
Furious ragged riff loads intro of New Breed with the darkest expectations, joining vocals strives to disspel all grimness from the surounding lands, again and again - heavy metal in their veins!
From the sublime touch-tone motif, complemented dreamy vocals and delicate guitar riffs Second to None continues as dreamy romantic lyric ballad, gaining energy and speed to last spurt to end the whole album with inspirations for further battles.