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There's can be a lot of shapes of symphony

May 11, 2016
Ankh - New Beginning

Deliberately, thoughtfully and intriguing Intro (Reborn) starts Ankh - New Beginning with the chiming bells and sounds of keyboards uprising.
Drums and vocals powerfully marches on the beginning of the Aimlessly (Lying On The Ground). Then vocal story slows for a bit 'till instrumental part, next female vocals joins to that track. Next tranquility changed by the furious rage of growl before female voice calm that down.
Calm melodic start of We Are Gonna Fall changes with the rage of growl and lyrical femail voice. And fluite over both of them.
The melody is divided into jerks between keyboards and guitars, that's Estrange feelings continue their way further to the end.
The Longest Journey (Part 1.) bagpipes'n'rhythmic folk tunes call on unstoppable and aggressive march of squad for further achievements and martial battles.
Keyboards melodies ask guitars to follow their passes in Chamber Of Mirrors, that extremly flows towards to combine lyrical femail voice with the fury'n'rage of growl, guitar madness and blows of drumkit.
Keyboards and narrative confession starts the Hollow Pictures...empty mirror reflects someone? Or just a place near them? Listen more if you want to know that, the grim story combined from flute tune sounds over the story taled by the lady.
Orieltal folk tunes from intro of the Ankh 1. (Instrumental) takes us to distant lands into the far spaces with the dreamy thoughts.
Mysterious oriental tunes continues its march into Closed Eyes, 'till furious growl begins its wartune, then valkirie joins that northstrike to the doubts of surrendered nomads.
Slow doubtful keyboards tells their story with the quick guitar rage in the beginning of the Night In The Forest, then growl and female voice joins the track and guitar and keyboards change their order. At night in the forest - taht's all so sudden, unpredictable and unclear! So don't believe me - take your own opionion about that!
Important Things started by growl narration, changed by the female monologue. Then both of them combined with the dence instrumental pattern and calms out after the chorus. That changes follows all the track lenght.
Calm folk tune starts the Treasure with their melodic pace, then rage slashes all around with their furious aggression.The further story alternates between pure male, female voices and growling in its extent for all duration of the fairy tale about fabulous treasure surrounded with bagpipes, guitar and keys modulations. And the story ends!