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Let all around in flames - you have to hold on!

May 13, 2016
Nemesea - Uprise

Once time fallen you have to rise - its time to Nemesea - Uprise The life-giving power of the tangible impacts begins track, then female voice joins to the thrilled sound ending its trail asks Hear Me! "Hello, hey you!", - can be heard then, and lady said "I got a message for you!" Intriguingly mysteriously starts Twilight - lady's narration interrupts by the guitar chord, closer to end tune seals its impetuous flow, gaining power and aggression.
Femail vocals and keyboard passages starts that song, them male chorus yells Forever! After the 1st verse melody adds rage and dense to music 'till next verse. These sequences made up the whole composition.
Calm intro repeats several times Let It Burn. Then that words appeals again and again, music rises soundpower to next level for a bit. After that explosion of sound music calms again to end the sad story.
Dancing playful pace make you to understand that its Time to Make It. Started by the delicate narration, then appears in dancing shape for chorus to repeat title several times.
Can't Believe It raises the pace the mid tempo, there's somewhat unusual song shape - not a verse-chorus but something like a rondo.
Melancholic lyrical intro, folding female vocals with keyboards notes opens Light Up the Sky. Then drums adds their support calmly and consequentially. Then composition deliberately and consistently gaining flesh on its edges.
Raged and rhythmically started Get Out appeals to moving from side to side to the beat musical pattern.
Opened by the powerful blows Bones goes forward for a lady's speech, rehearsal it by musical impact and repeats that several times. Middle of the track covered by the guitar solo and musical improvisations. After that musical blow ends the song.
Started with the acoustic guitar and calm female vocal,then raises power of the tunes to ask then in the chorus to Hold On. Perky and persistently asked about this - so you have to hold on!