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There is no tunes for the ruin

July 19, 2018
Cor Scorpii - Ruin

Hard, powerful and tightly scramming male vocals is woven with the instrumental leitmotif of the Cor Scorpii - Ruinalbum. However, the female vocals' voice seems to smear a chaotic dejection - yet the male screaming breaks into Svart Blod (Hovmod star for fall) leitmotif like the dagger ... it's useless to describe! We must listen! Uncontrollable unification of melody and drive, then male vocal leads Hjarteorm to black metal'styled scream (IMHO, in vain), but still melodic symphony fascinates!
In part continue the melody of the previous composition Skuggevandrar displays - that genres, styles and pitch one - perception - other. Absolutely different! In this composition, you can hear the notes of many folklore (forgive your humble servant, mostly Ukrainian!) Well, here the melody takes us all in a whirlwind of unity - Fotefar denying styles and genres! Your obedient servant, this song has enslaved a single affirmation - male vocal, which still pushes perception into black metal. A fairy tale, a game and an omen turns the previous track into the Helveteskap! Well - this fairy tale and omen are transformed into an unforgettable story and song! A bright symphony of instrumental passages flows around Ri di mare vocal phrases, then retreating, then coming to the fore. No, for fans of any genres, it's worth listening to!
Oh, balalaikas, Russian and Finnish folklore - but then an unrestrained wave of drive! No, I'm tired of repeating - Aerelaus necessary to listen to everyone! The Siste Dans symphony is misleading, then merging into a wave of drive, completing the album with an incredible combination of folklore, drive and melody! No, you can write a lot - most listen!