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There is no name for the god in this realm

September 16, 2019
Hex (ESP) - God Has No Name

The drum roll ends with the mysterious echoes and mystical choirs of the warlock, predicting the development of the true guise of Thy Kingdom Gone composition, which begins the Hex (ESP) - God Has No Name album with a combination of severe power and viscous musical twilight.
After the gloomy intrigue of the introduction, Soulsculptor pumps the harsh waves of the gloomy musical drive, enveloping the restrained and harsh march with the covers of dark charm. Wrapping the swirl of the main motive already at the introduction, Worshipping Falsehood continues the musical narration, slowly marching under the banners of the dark anthem in a procession of fleshless ghosts and wraiths.
Walking in the rhythmic procession of a dense march Daevangelism - The Dark Sunset solemnly and significantly brings the narration of the vocal part to the front edge of the musical image, subordinating the variations of the accompaniment to the instructions of the vocal part. In the instrumental part, music breaks into free space, accelerating the rhythmic structure, but leaving the guitar solo in the same saddened calmness.
The next composition of album Where Gods Shall Not Reign should be highlighted at least by the fact that a wonderful video was published for this song, mesmerizing with an extravaganza of dark enchantment and obscure horror. The musical covers impressively complements the visual image in that video.
After a dense and unhurried musical procession, the Apocryphal intro and verses explodes with a stream of unbridled drive, expanding the album's stylistic framework. However, in the refrain, the composition returns to the gloomy shores of the dark anthem. Starting with a stern and stubborn march to the warlike rolls of drum roll All Those Lies That Dwells... ends the album with a majestic narrative of a dark anthem enveloping the mind with gloomy covers. In instrumental bridges, waves of drive appears.