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Each of us has its own sunlight

September 16, 2019
 Антитіла - Сонце

The ornate reflections of the Танцюй vocals wind their reflections with musical vortexes, paying tribute to the "Song of Kiev", combining centuries and morals at the beginning of the Антитіла - Сонце album. Inhalation and vocal emotions intertwine in verses, exalting the banner of the Два Акорди name in the chorus, intertwining musical variations in bridges.
Vocal freights raise their phrases to the banners of the Твоe Тіло main motive and magnify the musical narrative with their musical outlines. The pulsating speeches of vocal recitative are juggled with echoes of the Лав musical narration.
Please, the most significant band's hit Одинак begins with the inspiration of the musical narrative, which continues to honor the unforgettable artist Люди Як Кораблі (Скрябін Cover). It is worth noting that there were many covers for this song - but it’s quite successful here.
The vocal immediately raises the banner of the main motive and walks with it in the further chime of the Дунай musical narrative. The pulsating inspiration refracts the Фари musical narrative, obeying the direction of vocal phrases. Ми completes the album by dancing in extravaganza extravaganza variations of keyboard breaks.