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Despair can enslave any mind

September 17, 2019
Kaunis Kuolematon - Elama Ei Tarvitse Minua

The soft atmosphere of romantic tunes interweaves the charming phrases of vocals, combining male and female clean vocals in a bewitching duet. But then power and rage rises with the majestic walls of harsh metal music, enveloping the deep and significant guitar riffs with bewitching sparks of keyboard passages. Then the vocals reveal the essence of growling, transforming the title track of the Kaunis Kuolematon - Elama Ei Tarvitse Minua album into a solemn anthem of dark grandeur. But the charm of a romantic atmosphere and phrases of clean vocals precede the final passages of the composition.
The intriguing mystical mystery is transformed by the pulsating waves of restrained drive, rolling the rhythmic procession of the main motive, crowning the musical accompaniment with sparkling keyboard notes and bringing vocal phrases to the front edge of the Porteilla musical image.
A pensive piano solo sets the main motive for the bewitching symphony Yon Tunteina, wrapping shawls around a saddened romance and offering prayers to the angels who rejected repentance and pious appeals. The bridges are fascinated by the wordless chorales of the invisible fairies, mesmerizing with the tunes of female vocals, anticipating the inspirational dreams of pure male vocals. Then, in the chorus, clean male vocals are intertwined in so bewitching dance with the harsh tunes of deep growling. Aseista Riisuttu completes the album, combining romantic doubts and vague guesses of musical passages with the harsh melodies of growling and the inspirational dreams of clean male and female vocals.