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There is no light without shadows. For life and death the same?

February 10, 2018
Revocation - Deathless (Limited Edition)

The obscure twilight haze, piercing the blades of the main motive, A Debt Owed to the Grave begins the Revocation - Deathless (Limited Edition) album, rushing swiftly through the driving verses and wisely thinking in the choruses. In the instrumental part, the guitar solo brings the illusory grace of imaginary wonders.
Title track Deathless continues bright musical delight, twisted in a marvelous dance, completing bars as if summing up swift and sharp riffs.
Severely and aggressively obstinate vocal speeches promoting the Labyrinth of Eyes story in verses, in breeches and choruses, bringing with dreamy clean vocals the illusory delights of imaginary dreams Densely and viscously rolling with a hard pulsating musical wave, driving a steep rhythm, the path in the verse in the bridge in before the Madness Opus choruses begins to reflect, majestically and proudly reveals the marvelous melodic lace, in instrumental breeches sweeping away in rapid flights to unknown magic. Acoustic romance precedes the final instrumental improvisations, enveloping the delightful musical canvases before the final vocal phrases.
A furious storm of impetuous drive Scorched Earth Policy smashes all obstacles into pieces, without stopping at nothing in its uncontrollable frenzy.
The epic charming melody The Blackest Reaches rises from the twilight covers, fascinating with its sound all around, recreating in a different form the all-embracing sacraments. The musical image constantly changes tempo and rhythmic structure, supporting the spell infusion on the top level.
Swift, unrestrained passages, over which the sparkling melodies of the guitar sink, are brought to the thoughtful vocal phrases, completing The Fix composition with a bright guitar solo.
Heavy, viscous musical motifs, a retm-holding section, accompany thoughtful vocal reflections. Then the United in Helotry rhythm is released from the fetters and rushes in an unrestrained wave of severe drive. But the breeches again try to impose the fetters with an instrumental round dance, continuing in the chorus.
The Apex main motive is manifested at the very beginning, then supplementing the sound with more and more new changes, especially the bright and delightful guitar solo part. But in this instrumental saga there are so many melodies and musical ideas that one could create another album from it!
Like a dark spell entangle musical images, encompassing a mysterious atmosphere, the introduction of the vocal precedes a romantic acoustic break. But black magic bears a unique dark charm, not everyone is destined to successfully complete all of the Witch Trials.
The magnificent, unique album completes a tribute to the legends, Sworn to the Black (Morbid Angel cover) from the original featuring more melodic musical and vocal performance.