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There is a spirit of discovery in this chamber

April 12, 2021
RJ Thompson -  Echo Chamber

The title track opens the RJ Thompson - Echo Chamber album with dreamy romanticism, complementing the slapping of castanets with vocal experiences that lift their emotions above the mundane. The vocals immediately ascend to the dominant position of the Blackout Windows musical image, complementing their reflections with percussion heartbeat and the artistry of keyboards notes.
The reminiscences of the London city, embodied in the history of pensive reflections, shrouded in notes of pensive romanticism, captivates to rehearing. The Think About You song immediately elevates vocal reflections to a dominant position in musical composition, full of a romantic atmosphere. The Girl & The Gunman glorifies the romantic relationship of a girl with a warrior, sparklingly uplifting these musical passages on the banners of a gentle ballad.
The pensive, sophisticated tenderness of the Skimming Stones vocals storyteller envelops the veils of tenderness and sympathy. The blues stylistics enthralls one to familiarize oneself with the reflections of the vocal part of the Go It Alone song.
Bright, easy and captivating music and vocals of the Speakeasy composition are intertwined in a sparkling dance. The Lie Close To Me song finishes the album with a leisurely romantic pensiveness of a gentle ballad.