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Storm conceals many mysteries

April 12, 2021
Aeon Winds -  Stormveiled

The twilight haze of the Of Times Forgotten... mysterious instrumental symphony begins the Aeon Winds - Stormveiled album with a mysterious obscurity. From the desolate spell woven by A Cosmic Sky Ablaze, with its whirling tremolo harmonies, symphonic elements and subtle threads of glimmering lead guitar. The Beyond All Empty Places captivates with the impressive melody of the main motive, enveloping the vocal passages with a bewitching whirlwind of guitar emotions, sometimes pacifying with the majesty of the solemn anthem.
Stubbornly and confidently pumping up the rhythm of the mid-tempo march, the Dawn of the Untamed Moon sometimes rises with acceleration with symphonic echoes in the instrumental bridges, inferior to the mid-tempo procession with a vocal duet in verses. The It is Beneath Where the Mountains Sing majestic orchestral symphony with sublime chorales introduces the mesmerizing melody of the Legacy of the Unconquered Sun epic saga, in which musical melodism is intertwined in a captivating dance with the vocal emotionality of a wise storyteller.
The title composition of the Stormveiled album captivates with the musical stream of the main motive flying through the twilight mystery of ancient fairy tales. The music complements the vocal mystery with the charm of symphonic shades. The Dying Star Remembrance acoustic instrumental ballad enchants with the soft chime of the guitar strings, then develops the created musical lace into the melodic drive melodic song of the To Embrace the Void composition, in which the romantic tunes of the verses are entwined with a symphonic vine, building the castle of the epic saga. Album ends with the straight groove and epic grandeur of the ...And Woods Forlorn song’s deluge of rippling blast-beats and outstanding black metal harmonies.