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There are places where you will always remain a stranger

May 30, 2020
Scandelion -This Place I Don't Belong

Romantic meditations of the Dormant Embers of Pain saddened symphony begin the vocal part with meditations of male growling, which then alternates with opera female vocals. Music in the middle of the composition envelops in an atmosphere of incredible grief.Driving through the waves of gloomy drive, intertwined with the harsh tunes of male growling, The Last Glimpse of Solitude blows a haze of medium-tempo darkness, introducing symphony and hope with female vocals. The Scandelion - This Place I Don't Belong album's title track captivates with mysterious mysticism, bringing to the forefront of the musical image phrases of female vocals, complementing them with tunes of clean male vocals.
Mysterious thoughts of clean male vocals march in the The Scions' Blood haze of romantic mystery, alternating with the enchanting tunes of the female opera vocals and creating vocal variety with a growling. Inspirational tunes of the My Beloved Shrouds female vocals are marching with the pulsation of a keyboard solo against a musical background.
Instrumental A Vague Sense of Loneliness ballad captivates with artistic lace acoustic guitar solo, complementing it with the melody of an electric guitar solo. Then the Animus complements the romantic musical reflections with a vocal part, starting in a mysterious atmosphere with female vocals, but then hardening the musical sound and alternating the frightened female tunes with severe growling, sometimes combining them in a duet and expanding the stylistic framework using male screaming.
A leisurely procession of the Throes of Eternal Hate thoughtful symphony is combined with a variety of vocal styles, starting with the charm of female vocals, then hardening the musical canvas by growling. But pure male and female vocals are intertwined in the enchanting dance of the duet, preceding the violin solo of the instrumental part. The Mother's Will organ symphony is combined with a fierce storm of drive, combining in the pulsations of a dark march with a severe growling, then accelerating the musical escape topped with tunes of opera vocals. The release ends with a rethinking and remastering of the Another Fairytale band’s song from The Pureheart's Breedearlier album.