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Wanderings always leave a lot of memories

May 31, 2020
 M. Ward - Migration Stories

A pensive acoustic guitar solo envelops in a pacifying atmosphere, starting the M. Ward - Migration Stories album with an inspired narrative of the Migration of Souls song that tells about spiritual wanderings. Heaven's Nail and Hammer and Coyote Mary's Traveling Show brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, complementing it with background chorales and musical calm.
The guitar part gives the sound of the Independent Man composition some shades of blues, complementing this impression by the saxophone solo. The Stevens' Snow Man acoustic guitar solo surrounds with an atmosphere of memories of past impressions, then the cheerful pulsating tunes of the Unreal City song carry away with a foretaste of entertainment.
The wise reflections of the Real Silence vocal part slowly march in an atmosphere of mysterious omens. Fascinating with vocal tunes, shrouded in acoustic guitar notes, Along the Santa Fe Trail complements the main vocal part with a re-singing of colleagues. It is like a bard by the fire singing his travels vocal part of the Chamber Music song complemented only by an acoustic guitar.
Slowly marching in the atmosphere of musical romanticism, the vocal with its mystery complements the impression of the mystery of the image of the Torch song. The Rio Drone track completes this release with a thoughtful acoustic guitar solo, as if the bard indulges in memory and rests by the fireplace after an experienced adventure