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There are no barriers in the material world to incorporeal entities

February 28, 2020
Stoned God - Incorporeal

The majestic guitar solo captivates with the sound of the introduction of Celestial Deicide song, then creating the basis for the main motive and an impressive background for the vocal part, alternating dreamy doubts of clean vocals and the stern confidence of growling. Dethrone The Traitors immediately explodes in a whirlwind of gloomy mid-tempo growling, saturating and condensing musical variations enveloping the harsh and gloomy tunes of growling, threateningly approaching by frightening prophecies, after which, full of horror and fear, clean vocals is praying for mercy.
The title track continues the Stoned God - Incorporeal album with a dialogue full of doubts and experiences of clean vocals and severe growling tunes ending with emotional screaming screams. The musical structure is full of twilight atmosphere, progressively intertwined with sparks of artistic variations. The guitar solo of the instrumental part captivates with grandeur and bewitching melody. The Creator continues the musical narration with a majestic anthem, bringing to the forefront of the composition, after a severe growling and a pulsating march, inspired tunes of clean vocals.
Mysterious ghosts surround the mind with the mysterious motives of a guitar solo, then complementing the Illusion musical mystery with deep growling vocal phrases, then exploding by storm of a furious drive, but again returning to a mid-tempo procession. Bringing progressive guitar passages to the forefront of musical composition, the Alive then surrounds vocals phrases with their round dance.
Soft musical passages surround the reflections of clean vocals with a romantic atmosphere, complementing the album with ballad trends, but then the Artificial Sun composition manifests anxiety and gloomy forebodings, ending with waves of restrained drive complemented by harsh and severe growling. Combining progressive musical solutions and the motives of the epic saga The Decadent Blind weaves a powerful and exciting musical canvas of a furious drive, preferring the tough power to unbridled speed. Glowworms completes the album, encircling the stern power of musical drive with sparkling ribbons of shades of ancient fairy tales, progressively varying and transforming the rhythmic structure.