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The wall is hard, irresistible ... but transparent!

June 21, 2017
Anthriel - Transcendence

Diverse in his wise and thoughtful reflections Anthriel - Transcendence will show us the world from many different angles, juggling with points of view as if the Lord's opinions of lieges.
A muffled whisper, cosmic indescribable motives appeals The Calling to the unknown, crave the embodiment of fantasy - and that dreams come true .... everything, even those - that are unknown now. Keyboard passages complete a fantastic image with only new riddles.
Under Burning Skies transfers unknown and mystical ghosts to an area more saturated with drive, cosmic and unknown melodies have complemented by the ornamentation of oriental folk melodies and hot winds carrying spicy flavors. The vocals overwhelms with inspired perseverance, leading to the limits of unimaginable fantasies. In the instrumental part, the music reveres again before the restrained and dreamy whisper of calm vocals, but the eastern break completes the story with a new flash of bright drive.
In Oath of Darkness many musical solutions and styles are intertwining. Starting with a mysterious, broken and complex rhythm, alternating the size and structure of the music, calls for the harsh vocals. Vocals from phrase to phrase changes styles - as if arguing with himself. In this volatile, diverse, dazzlingly bright variability, pierced by various vocal moves, bright flashes of fascinating melodies and unexpected changes - all the entire composition sounds, closer to the end complemented by the voices of mystical fairies!
Starting with the romantic mist, that enveloping in the morning twilight in the lakeside bushes, we we have to listen to Siren's Song - which sounds from everywhere around! The song creates an attractive feeling, the leitmotif is voiced as yet in the introduction - but its notes are not at all boring - on the contrary, it is as if the axis of the universe is surrounded by various vocal and musical images, leaving a lot of various impressions!
Ornate ornament, mixed branches and invisible tentacles of melody entangle on all sides, depriving the will and resistance - demanding to listen to the story of the Painted Shadows from beginning to end without interruption and without missing a single moment!
Exciting, fascinating and obtrusive Rhapsody of Fire composition fetters consciousness with its mysterious and illusory motives, clinging to follow the rays and shine of its motives.
A romantic, dreamy ballad full of measured and agitated dreams, My Dark Morning Star then turns into a changeable and unpredictable series of changes - both rhythm, and music, and vocals! It's so interesting to listen to that song - so it's hard to describe! Oh! Full of bright, sparkling and changeable dreams Fallen Souls crowns the album with a separate story, uniting as emotional despair of vocal phrases combined with disturbing tattered musical passages. But then the main one is embodied in exquisite key concerts, competing for our attention, appealing to vocals reflections.