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It's not so easy to chase shadows, especially when they are not there

June 22, 2017
UnchaineD - Chasing Shadows

Intro City of Lights adds the power and might for the guitar pressure, that sets the wave of powerful and confident drive of No Lessons Learned, starting UnchaineD - Chasing Shadows album with a dispute of deep, dense growling with an emotional but bright screaming vocals. In the instrumental part, the melody melts to the front edge, but vocal quarrels again return waves of violent drive!
Gloomy motives shroud from all sides, screaming comes to the fore, growling vocals provides only complements the drive of the Conspiracy for Fools musical image.
There is no God, - tells us the intro of The Great Disease, then a powerful and deep growling creates the basis for brutal, viscous and gloomy music, guitar breaks add melodiousness, screaming flies into the expanses of disturbing experiences.
Classical motifs intertwines with so furious drive in the charming procession of ghostly knights, solemnly moving towards their destined faith, understanding - This Is Hell for them! Attention attracts the fierce, stubborn and persevering growling, that tells the fairy tale about My Favorite Nightmare, screaming supplements it with its darkest spells.
Unshakable confident pressure begins a story, the alternating beginning of the phrase growling vocals, ending with screaming, but guitars solo of Black as Your Soul deserves all sorts of praises, honors and glory - it raises to the top of melodious blessings graces!
Gloomy ancient legends have embodied in Book of the Dead tale, combining forgotten customs, northern and eastern folklore motifs in a single stream of musical canvas.
Vocals brings anxious emotions beneath the clouds, instrumentss keeps up with this disturbing story, breaks are unacceptable in such furious and sensual story - that like Let It Kill You! The clear, measured, marching rhythm sets the pace and direction of the Room 237 structure. Before the introduction of the vocals, the music accelerates dramatically, sweeping the pace into vast spaces, the vocals alternate their phrases, completing the album so diversely and interestingly ... inspiring to listen to it again and again!