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The universe is still limitless

February 22, 2022
Ewigkeit - Starscape 2.019

The bright mystery of the Point of Origin song opens the gate for the procession of the musical procession of the Ewigkeit - Starscape 2.019 concept album. The keyboards passages of the Unveiling the Mystery song start with muffled vocal reflections, then swirl with restrained drive, but again return to symphonic meditations.
Beginning with an enigmatic narrative from the storyteller, the Legend of Keshara musical tale sometimes rises in a sparkling flight of musical enchantment. The vocals proclamation and vocal variations point the way for the development of the Return of Planet X main motif, subordinating the musical variations and transformations to the vocal instructions.
The Deviant instrumental track intrigues with its mystery, acting as an introduction to the next fragment of the album, which begins with a bright and melodic guitar solo of the Lightspeed Evolution intro, showing the way of the main compositional motif. The sparkling musical motif of the intro sets the direction of the musical charm of the Starscape song, intertwining the music and vocals in a sparkling musical helix.
The epic sound of the Capsule musical saga takes you on a flight through space to previously unknown worlds, then the Birth of Horus vocals reflections with atmospheric and unhurried music foreshadow the Space Symphony instrumental musical tale.