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Nightmares from the void

February 23, 2022
BlakLight, 2021 -  Into The Void

Inspirational vocal melodies mingle with enchanting musical passages in the inspired dance of the Paranoid song, turning over the first pages of the music book of the BlakLight - Into The Void album, again and again accentuating the title in the chorus. The Crack introduction rolls out the musical canvas of the main motif, along which in the twilight mystery of the musical atmosphere the vocal part of the verse cautiously and distractedly parades, raising the banner of hope and inspiration in the refrain, supplementing the main vocal by the background chorus. The vocal part of the Skin composition comes to the forefront of the sound, the dreamy vocal part is supplemented by mysterious background phrases. The vocal phrases of the Nightmares song take you on intriguing wanderings, supplemented by the background drive of the guitar riffs and combining the main vocals with the vocal support. The Reset composition builds its intriguing mystique, enveloping the vocal musings with atmospheric musical covers. The Into The Void title track's intro intrigues with the mystery of further musical development, combining gothic echoes of antiquity with futuristic sound in a single musical stream.
Sparkling and fascinatingly, the World (Feat. More) song enters, then builds its composition on the inspired argument between the main and background vocals. The Waiting intro sets the leitmotif of the sound, subsequently obeying the directions of the vocal part, rolling out the musical canvas in front of it. The participation of the Vampires (Feat. The Frixion) composition invited into the musical extravaganza brings sparkling joy and uplifted inspiration to the sound of the musical tale, anticipating the album's The Fallen final track, complementing it with dance motifs and vocal romanticism.