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Legends and tales will transform the mind

February 22, 2022
Locus Neminis - Verborgen in der Zeit

An intriguing mystery with the breath of an invisible essence and background wordless chorales create a musical precursor to the development of the musical narrative of the Sagittarius A composition, which begins the musical narrative of the Locus Neminis - Verborgen in der Zeit album with a flight of rapid storm, alternating with mid-tempo vocal reflections and symphonic instrumental bridges. A whirlwind of impetuous musical drive opens the gates of the Ex Machina song, augmenting the sound with the melodic charm of the instrumental part and the mesmerizing artistry of the finale. Ritual rhythms in the tambourine tapping complement the background tunes of invisible spirits, long and carefully building up the structure of the introduction, which then sets the way for the Im Aphel des Vortex main motif, which explodes with the unrestrained musical thriller.
Immediately exploding with a stream of unrestrained drive, the Fur die Ewigkeit musical thriller sweeps away any obstacles in its path, enveloped by echoes of symphonic charm and at times subduing the tempo with vocal significance and musical melody. The Erschaffen aus dem Nichts song interweaves artistic variations of both a saddened dusky symphony and periodic bursts of musical swiftness into a progressive compositional vision. The sparkling musical canvas rolls out the varied tempo of the musical procession for the vocal unity of the screaming and growling of the Monument musical composition.
Taking us to the expanse of ancient tales, the Verborgen in der Zeit musical saga charms us with its artistic interweaving of genre tones and stylistic variations. The drum roll of the intro seems to suggest a battle march, but the subsequent Nur das Rauschen des Signals musical thriller dispels these expectations in a rapid assault, anticipating the Zerfall zwischen toten Sternen und Staub final composition of the album, impressively embodying in a single musical flow all its features and peculiarities of sound.