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The transformation of consciousness is so diverse!

March 05, 2020
Sepultura -	 Quadra

An indistinct of the Isolation distortion, pacing the mysterious mystery, precedes the explosion of a furious drive, weaving power with a mysterious mystery. Power, rage and progressive delivery are intertwined - however, then Means To An End continues the Sepultura - Quadra album by combining music drive and vocal delivery.
Guitar variations of Last Time mesmerizing solo are preceded by a furious action movie that weaves music, thoughts and power into an artistic whirlwind of progressive innings.
Capital Enslavement dancing the musical whirlwinds inspires vocal anger, then the Ali pulsating power of the majestic hymn intensifies the progressive severity. But Raging Void drive and rage weaves progressive trends together in a single musical stream.
Incredibly epic inspiration of progressive appeals gives and invokes Guardians Of Earth vocal anger. The Pentagram as if continues the progressive breakdown of musical innings.
The pulsating Autem rhythm, dancing drive and hidden power Quadra brings further preparation for further narration, sometimes bringing the Agony Of Defeat vocalist's clean vocals and screaming to the fore. Beginning with an acoustic worldview, the enigmatic Fear, Pain, Chaos, Suffering composition developed musical variations in an incredible saga - complementing the musical tunes with female vocals.