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Viking stories and tales permeates ages

March 05, 2020
Fran Soto - Yggdrasil

Softly, sensually and bewitchingly Wind Whisper envelops the bewitching atmosphere of folklore motifs, opening the gates of the Fran Soto - Yggdrasil album. The Fable gives a more fabulous and bewitching shades of musical narration. Completing the development of mystical mystery Aeorien (Feat. Aeralie Brighton) pierces with the ghostly trends of ancient prophecies, complementing the musical shores with the wordless tunes of the singing lady. Inspiring tunes of the singing lady Above The Sky (Feat. Lara Ausensi) brings the vocal narrative to the front edge of the musical image, continuing the musical saga with the grandeur of The God Of The Sun solemn symphony, charming with the mesmerizing sound of soft musical chimes.
The title track Yggdrasil softly, slowly and intriguingly walks through a leisurely procession of the development of musical motifs, exalting the inspiration of the violin tunes and string chime into the enchanting expanses, continuing the mysterious musical charm of the album with mysterious and obscure chorales of the This Is My Soul track.
The inspired banners of valorous battles Wind Rider reappeared around the rhythmic procession of the solemn march with enchanting vortices of the heroic saga. The mesmerizing spirit of magical rituals and sacraments of the Witchcraft charms captivates with musical passages, complemented by wordless chorales. Gently and pensively Timeless Place envelops the listener with a soothing dance of musical variations and vocal choirs, exalting the inspiration of wordless tunes.
The gentle thoughtfulness of the Forgiveness vocals narration is entwined with the bewitching strings of violin and other musical passages, artistically weaving into the sparkling lace of a symphonic ballad. The majestic symphony, introducing the unity of ancient folklore motifs with certain echoes of futuristic trends, is interwoven in the Sword Saint musical composition that impressively reflects the new age musical style. Weaving together the stelistics of Celtic folklore - so Maid Of Metal - Moka's Theme embodies the character of the game world, which is still in the process of creation. Light On The Horizon concludes the album with musical appeasement, dispelling any anxieties.