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Awareness of the universe is infinite and diverse

March 05, 2020
Chronolord - The Cuckoo Gene

Despair and doubt obscure the beginning of the Chronolord - The Cuckoo Gene album with bewitching covers of unclear expectations, highlighting the artistic elements of the Annihilation musical essence in instrumental fragments and the final part of the composition. Then the vocal part brings notes of encouraging mood, interwoven with the whirlwind of Construction musical passages, in which the chime of guitar strings dominates.
The sublime inspiration of the Anticipation vocal and musical passages weaves a majestic picture of musical inspiration, continuing with the appeals of the Activation announcer and the indications of ground control in a female voice. Then the Infliction vocals comes to the forefront of the musical narrative, topped by sublime keyboard passages in the chorus.
The romantic passages of the acoustic guitar brings with the Decision romance bewitching atmosphere of pacification, after which Intervention rolls waves of a musical stream, returning to the trends of classical rock'n'roll. Contemplation again returns to the acoustic sound, still softening the sound and enveloping the vocal narration with the atmosphere of ballad romanticism. Walking rhythmically, Solution rolls the rock'n'roll sound with a pulsating dance. Continuation vocals proclamations precedes the final composition of the album, giving some shades of 70s art rock, but Creation completes the musical narration with an interweaving of an incredible variety of styles, remaining true to the traditions of rock music.